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2010-11-21 15:04:27 by vizslaman

Look I don't care if COD is the best game in the world, I am still not gonna play it. I write this because people who are to say the least obsessed with it won't stop yelling (and i mean yelling) at me cause I don't play COD. Look I used to but it just got dull and the fact that bigger nerds (and I mean BIGGER NERDS) than me are tell me to play is not a good platform to help me play. People have said I have no life because I haven't played Black ops yet....LOOK IN THE MIRROR. The last time you left your house was to buy this game. Now I have nothing against fans of COD, I just hate the super fans. The fans that wait in line a week before it is released. One other reason I have stopped playing COD games is the the little 6 year olds that got there hands on the game. They think they are top crap and well this pisses me off cause when I beat them they say I cheated and that I mod my game so I would win. I got kick off live once cause one kid got a bunch of his friends together and reported me for cheating, something which I would never do. Granted I know that there are people like this on all online games but COD just seems to have the most of them.


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2011-02-16 15:01:47

You are right.


2011-06-14 02:45:12

Totally i play hHITalo and stuff i only time i do play when my friend brings it over but it is FUCKING ASS HOLEING BULLSHIT DOGLICKING ASSFUCKING annony to keep being asked to buy it dont get me started on AC