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Wii U

2011-06-29 23:06:53 by vizslaman

Dont know if anyone watched E3 but if you did i am sure you saw the new wii system. The Wii U. When i first saw it the only thought in my mind was huhhh???? Then 10 min later it was still the only thought in my mind. What is Nintendo doing with this it looks odd and they are great at telling you nothing within 10 min of talking about something. I am gonna give them the benefit of the doubt here and say it looks different. but what is it? Will i have to by a new console or is it just a new controller? How much will it cost? Please tell us more damn you and your secrets.

Wii U


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2011-06-29 23:11:31

BASICALLY it's like putting 2 wii's together. It can work by itself but it needs your Wii for other games. The 3DS is suppose to work with it too.

Only this Wii is like combining an iPad with buttons and a gyroscope.

The 3DS is my biggest gripe, technically Zelda could've been ported to the DSi long time ago, but they decided to use the 3DS features. Which I'm not too fond of. It does look good at first but after a while my eyes start to hurt.

vizslaman responds:

I agree I hate the 3DS it makes me sick when I play it for more than 30 min I am just glad I borrowed it from a friend before buying


2011-06-29 23:34:20

I know I saw. Its pretty cool that Nintendo made a portable wii!


2011-06-30 00:06:53

Your post was such a fucking mess.

vizslaman responds:

Yep late night and an early morning will do that


2011-06-30 00:33:05

new Super Smash Bros *-*