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Key Board Problems

2011-07-06 23:35:06 by vizslaman

What the hell is wrong with my key board. When i type, as you can see, it is fine but when ever i try to use it for gaming it just doesnt work. When i tried to input W,A,S,D into a set controls menu i got 2,3,4,5. How does this happen and is there anyway to fix it?

Wii U

2011-06-29 23:06:53 by vizslaman

Dont know if anyone watched E3 but if you did i am sure you saw the new wii system. The Wii U. When i first saw it the only thought in my mind was huhhh???? Then 10 min later it was still the only thought in my mind. What is Nintendo doing with this it looks odd and they are great at telling you nothing within 10 min of talking about something. I am gonna give them the benefit of the doubt here and say it looks different. but what is it? Will i have to by a new console or is it just a new controller? How much will it cost? Please tell us more damn you and your secrets.

Wii U


2010-11-21 15:04:27 by vizslaman

Look I don't care if COD is the best game in the world, I am still not gonna play it. I write this because people who are to say the least obsessed with it won't stop yelling (and i mean yelling) at me cause I don't play COD. Look I used to but it just got dull and the fact that bigger nerds (and I mean BIGGER NERDS) than me are tell me to play is not a good platform to help me play. People have said I have no life because I haven't played Black ops yet....LOOK IN THE MIRROR. The last time you left your house was to buy this game. Now I have nothing against fans of COD, I just hate the super fans. The fans that wait in line a week before it is released. One other reason I have stopped playing COD games is the the little 6 year olds that got there hands on the game. They think they are top crap and well this pisses me off cause when I beat them they say I cheated and that I mod my game so I would win. I got kick off live once cause one kid got a bunch of his friends together and reported me for cheating, something which I would never do. Granted I know that there are people like this on all online games but COD just seems to have the most of them.